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Cast and information about them. Contains spoilers, since it is up-to-date to the comics information.

For reference if you have forgotten what is happening, or if you have never read it before but love spoilers for some reason.



Born in the year 2094 and is currently 21 and un-employed. Previously lived in a small apartment with her boyfriend, Dan, until her life was interupted when she was suddenly transported to another dimension. All she knows about why she's here is that she was selected at random as part of an experiment on transport between the dimensions... and that she is no longer of use, aside from being kept for spare parts. Confused and angry, she needs to find a way out of this place. Currently camping in the woods with the Clone and Mummy (because an almost human and a dead human is close enough).



Created to be the new body for Pantom, so that he and Solemn could rule together - but ended up having his incubation tank smashed and being left to die on the floor by Solemn, who was not all too impressed with the idea of Pantom wanting to rule alongside him. Due to him being forced out of his incubator too soon, he is defective, and has some nasty glass wounds. It is curious that he has a mind of his own (which is usually caused by being left in the incubator tank too long), since he was supposed to be created just as an empty body for Pantom. He also hears a voice that assists him in his first steps in life. It is unknown whether this voice is real, or just part of his defective mind. Currently camping in the woods Charlie and Mummy.




His past before arriving in the Rat Islands is unknown, but since his arrival he has done nothing but conspire to cause trouble. His motives are not clear, but it is obvious that what ever he is planning it is for his own selfish needs. This immense selfishness often means he forgets his inital plans or intentions, and instead goes for things that will benefit him in to short-term. He named Mez and took her with him to his lair. He finds her attractive, but does not really like her personality. Him and Mez kidnapped Frazier and have locked him up in the lair. Currently being seduced by Mez...



The lesser known son of Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, and lived during the 11th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Thought to be around eleven years old at death and also to be an albino. He has recently vanished from his case at the museum, transported to another dimension and was brought back from death by Pantom (under Solemn's instruction), for as of yet; unknown reasons. He wandered around the forest surrounding the lab, until he bumped into a wizard. The Wizard changed the language Mummy spoke for an unknown reason. Currently camping in the woods with Charlie and the Clone, after they met in town (and she made him beg for money).



Created soley as an experiment in human cloning, and was created from Charlie's DNA. Unfortunately for her creator, she had sentience, when the experiment only required a human body with no mind. She is not happy about the way she was created; she refuses to think of herself as being a copy of Charlie, so instead insists that she is her own person and strives to establish herself as an individual. Unfortunately, she is also extremely shallow. She was named by Solemn and went with him back to his lair. She liked him at first, but after being with him for a while she starts to realise how awful he really is. She helped Solemn kidnap Frazier, and now that they are back at their lair she has started to make moves on Solemn.



Co-ruler of the Rat Islands and the younger sister of Frazier. The more selfish and naïve of the two siblings, who, though relatively intelligent (compared with the majority of rat citizens) is easy to lead astray as long as you promise her something she would like in return (something which Solemn has found very exploitable). She is also vain, and likes to collect wigs (she has many for every occasion.) She is currently single, despite her position; where an heir will be needed along the line, she cannot commit to just one partner. She does not know much about Solemn's plans, but does what he says because she trusts him, and let him kidnap her brother in order for her to be the Supreme Queen.



Co-ruler of the Rat Islands and older brother of Cleo. He follows his Father's way of ruling, by being honorable and just. He tries to manage his sister's habit to only think for herself, but finds it hard with all the other responsiblities he has. He is currently single, because of his heavy work load and does not have the time for a relationship. Solemn and Mez kidnapped him to help Cleo become the one and only ruler of the Rat Isles. Knowing full well that Cleo is silly and that without Frazier, society will surely fall to ruins.


Pantom (Dead):

A scientist that is under the employ of Solemn, whose main goal is to re-animate the boy mummy. He is side-tracked by Solemn's other wants, as well as his own. His motives are unclear, as is his past, which very little is known about. Most of the documents and records about him seem to be... forged. Was killed by Solemn in a fit of rage, after suggesting they could rule the Rat Islands together. Curiously, his body went missing soon after, and was sighted by Solemn in the woods... that can't of been real though? Right?



What is his purpose? Can anyone else see him? Who is he? His current purpose has been to help and assist the Clone, in both learning how to do basic things like walk and with relationship advice. LIFE COACH. Currently being FAB.


The Wizard:

Nothing is really known about this guy. He changed the language Mummy was speaking and then vanished. He has a rad hat though.



Solemn made a deal with him. Even Solemn does not know the terms of this deal, which concerns him. Not sure who ??? is or his intentions yet.