Artist of Nothing Fits has 2 new BOOKS

24th Apr 2017, 8:01 PM

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Artist of Nothing Fits has 2 new BOOKS
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Fishy 24th Apr 2017, 8:01 PM edit delete
Hello, sorry this is not Nothing Fits, but you have probably deduced that by the image about that is also not Nothing Fits. You can still buy Nothing Fits here, but what you really want to be doing is checking out Alex (artist of Nothing Fits... not that she wants that to be her claim to fame, haha) has just finished these two new BOOKS!!!

We have Dreams of Here: Far from Home (this is a shop link), which I shall describe to you by copying and pasting Alex's description from the shop page:

From the blurb;
"O! Fortunate reader
You will find within these pages nine settler narratives,
fun for "New Chums" and "Gone Natives" alike,
and rendered in extravagant colour.
Thrill to the fears and fancies of these exotic intruders,
with their night-terrors and naiveties,
and dreams of here, far from home."

52 pages, matte perfect-bound softcover, b/w and full colour throughout. 215 x 280 x 6mm.

It is very good I have looked at it and I am buying one!!

Secondly we have:
Notes from A Captain's Log (another shope link)

A never-before-seen slice of New Zealand comics faux-history; A long voyage is depicted through a selection of ink-wash 'Cartoons', in a style reminiscent of Taranaki Punch.

36 pages, stapled softcover, matte paper. 260 x 170 x 4mm.

Such excellent products, very very very good!!!

Thanks for looking and gazing at these beauties.

Link to more images of these books.